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Irrigation Design South Atlanta

Proper irrigation design and irrigation installation are essential to maintaining a healthy, robust lawn. Especially in our hot Georgia summer climate, a professionally installed South Atlanta irrigation system makes caring for your lawn easy and worry free.

Irrigation Installation

We design each of the irrigation systems we install according to the specific needs of your property. We assess the water needs of the turf and the other planting materials present, how the sun and shade distribution may affect your lawn's needs and the general condition and slope of the property.


Newnan Georgia Irrigation

We use only Hunter-brand professional-grade irrigation materials and easy to program control timers.  All pipes are buried to the appropriate depth to prevent freeze hazards. All irrigation installations come with a 1-year guarantee that covers repair/replacement of cracked pipes, severed low-voltage valve lines, clogged or broken sprinkler heads, malfunctioning nozzles, and other such problems associated with manufacturing defects or incorrect installation.

Peachtree City Irrigation

In addition to standard Georgia irrigation systems, we also offer "fertigators" and drip irrigation systems. "Fertigators" combines a built-in fertilizer system with your irrigation system Peachtree City to automatically fertilize your lawn with your regular watering. Drip South Atlanta irrigation systems minimize water usage (and save you money) by applying water directly to the base of plant materials.

For current water use restrictions, click here.

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