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Drainage/Water Management

Tackling difficult drainage problems yourself can be frustrating and expensive. The professionals at ELM can correct your current landscape drainage problems and assess your property for potential water hazards that may be developing.


Standing water is not only unattractive; it is a health hazard as a breeding ground for disease-carrying insects. Leaky basements promote the growth of molds and mildew, some of which pose serious health risks, especially for children and the elderly.

South Atlanta Landscape Drainage

Protect your family and your property from the dangers of undesirable water accumulation. At ELM, we offer many landscape drainage-related services that will solve your drainage problems once and for all - guaranteed. Don't struggle any longer with low-lying wet spots in your lawn, musty basements, or downspouts that no longer function properly.

Our landscape drainage solutions Include:

  • French Drains

  • Improper drainage on walkways, driveways, and patios

  • Eliminate wet areas in turf

  • Correct downspout functions

  • Eliminate water run-off into pool

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